Important: Only Purchase an Air Purifier After Researching the Facts

Choosing the right air purifier is an important long-term decision. There are literally dozens of brands and hundreds of different purifiers to choose from.

  • Which technology should you use?
  • What air space do you want cleaned?
  • Which type of purifier will work best for your situation?
  • How do you choose?
You don't need to become an expert, but spending a little time researching now will pay big dividends in the long run.

I would recommend two ways to use this website:

  • GOOD - Use the Index to browse the areas important to you.
  • BETTER - Start at the beginning and go through the 5-Step Guide.
If you choose to browse the Index, realize that a working knowledge of the technologies and types of purifiers will help you review and choose the best purifier for your needs. After browsing, if you find that you cannot make up your mind, start over at the beginning and work through the 5-Step Guide in order. It will help you make a better choice.

The 5-Step Guide

STEP1 Technology

Start here to understand the basic technologies. Each technology page has a summary, a more detail section, and when applicable an in-depth reference section.

STEP2 Types

Select which type of purifier you want to fit your cleaning needs. You will find information on Residential VS. Commercial, Single Room VS. Whole House, and Single Office VS. Whole Business. There are additional sections on Portable, Personal, and Vehicle purifiers.

STEP3 Reviews A-H and Reviews I-Z

Review the top brands. You'll find detailed reviews with meaningful content. I would recommend browsing these pages briefly before going on to STEP4 Top 10. After viewing the Top 10, go back and spend additional time in the reviews as needed.

STEP4 Top 10

Review Top 10 recommendations.

STEP5 Buying

Learn where to shop online to get the best deals. The guesswork is removed; the best methods and places to purchase are presented for each recommended air purifier.

It's really that simple!

Invest a just a few hours in this guide and when you get done, you will be able to make a wise, educated choice.

If this site has helped you choose your best air purifier, drop me a line ... I'd love to hear about your results!

Click on the link below to get started with Step1 Air Purifier Comparison of Technologies or use the search function to find specific information.

Air Purifier Comparison of Technologies
STEP 1 in our Air Purifier Comparison is to understand the basic technologies. Air cleaning can be categorized by two basic terms: Passive or Active.
Air Purifier Guide to Purifier Types
STEP 2 in our air purifier guide is to understand the different possible types of air cleaning. Several distinct categories are discussed.
Air Purifier Review, Brands A-H
STEP 3 in our air purifier review is to compare the top brands of air purifiers on the market. This page includes brands letters A through H.
Rate Air Purifiers, Brands I-Z
STEP 3 is to rate air purifiers against each other, brand against brand. This page includes brands letters I through Z.
Air Purifier Rating: The Top 10
Retired Air Industry Insider presents his top 10 air purifier rating list. This is Step 4 of a 5-Step guide on how to choose the best air purifier.
Buy Air Purifier; Research the Best Places to Purchase
STEP 5 Buy Air Purifier. Done with Steps 1-4? Here are tips on where to buy and how to purchase your choice for less.
Best Air Purifiers: Summary List of Reviews
This is a summary list of the best air purifiers to the worst air purifiers reviewed on this site.
Air Purifier Sitemap
A click-able Air Purifier Sitemap for
Air Purifier Resources
Valuable air purifier resources. Helpful web links to air purifier companies, vendors, eBay searches, and articles.
Air Purifier Blog
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