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Pure Ion Purifier Summary Brookstone Pure-Ion

Model: Pure-Ion Advanced Air Cleaner
Points: 56/100
Up to 100 sqft
MSRP $299/$199 at review date
Conclusion: A copy-cat of basic Sharper Image technology
Detailed Review Below

Pure-Ion Purifier Detailed Review
Brookstone Pure-Ion small

Model: Pure-Ion Advanced Air Cleaner
Last Reviewed: 06-06-2008
Rating Score: 56/100 points

Summary: The Brookstone Pure-Ion Advanced Air Cleaner combines a passive electrostatic precipitator with active secondary oxidation emission. It is basic to use and basic to clean and basically has lower actual cleaning ability. If you clean the collector plates often it will do a slightly better job. This purifier does a general cleaning with no area being a strong point. Brookstone had some ties with Sharper Image in the past and this technology is similar to many of the current and older Sharper Image purifiers. High on marketing and lower on quality and actual cleaning. The company is currently discounting this unit and may be on the verge of either discontinuing it or the concept in general. They may be better off selling others products as they have done in the past. A poor value.

Basic Specifications:

  • Designed for rooms up to 100 sqft
  • Passive and Active purification technology
  • Step 1: pre filter for larger particles
  • Step 2: stainless steel electrostatic collection grid catches particles
  • Step 3: some ozone and oxidizers emit from purifier for additional cleaning
  • Yearly Operating Costs $31.05
  • 1-year limited warranty with extended warranties available

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) rating from The Association of Home Appliance Manufactures (AHAM) Smoke 176/ Dust 225/ Pollen 236

Rating Factors:

1) Value: 8/24 points - The MSRP is $299/$199 at review date. The estimated square footage cleaned is 100 sqft. The Value equation is as follows: 100 * (1 - ((($199 initial + $31.05/year)/100 sqft)/5 removal points)) = 54. 54 = 8 points - poor value.

2) What is Removed: 5/16 points - Removal of Larger Particles >0.3 microns - Fair Removal, 1-point. Removal of Smaller Particles <0.3 microns - Fair Removal, 1-point. Removal of Odors and Gases - Fair Removal, 1-point, Removal of VOCs - Fair Removal, 1-point, Removal of Basic Microorganisms - Fair Removal, 1-point, Removal of Advanced Microorganisms - Poor Removal, 0-points.

3) Yearly Operating Costs: 15/15 points - No ongoing replacement part costs. Calculating electricity usage: 40 watts/1000 x $.0886/kwh x 24 hours/day x 365 days/year = $31.05/year. Total cost $31.05/year. Very Inexpensive to operate.

4) Quality: 6/12 points - Typical basic plastic Fit, Finish, and Workmanship - Good Quality, 3-points. Cleaning Technologies - Fair Quality, 2-points. Support Material - Good Quality, 1-point.

5) Warranty: 2/8 points - This model has a limited 1-year warranty. They do sell extended replacement warranty plans for $19.99 and $24.99 for 1 and 2 year plans. Fair Warranty.

6) Maintenance and Cleaning: 5/6 points - There are no replaceable filters or parts. Easy Maintenance, 3-points. Cleaning of the stainless collector plates needs to be done often for optimal performance. Expect cleaning every 1-4 weeks depending on air conditions. Should take less than 20 minutes plus dry time. If it fits in your dishwasher, you can run it through. Average Cleaning 2-points.

7) Look and Feel: 4/6 points - This is a typical white plastic tower. Nothing fancy. Looks Good, 2-points. This model has easy to use controls located on the top of unit. Feels Good, 2-points.

8) Years in Business: 5/5 points - Brookstone got its start in 1965. They are located in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

9) Noise Level: 3/5 points - Marketing from Brookstone says that the fans are near silent. This may be true on low, but 4 fans on high will make some noise. Average Noise Level.

10) Set-Up: 3/3 points - Easy Set-up.

total = xxx/100 points

Conclusion: A copy-cat of basic Sharper Image technology
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